Film Studies students victorious at “Meet the Profs” night


The annual Film Studies “Meet The Profs” night, held on Thursday Oct. 20th, was an evening full of food, fun, and a little friendly competition. The event was hosted by the WLU Film Society and allowed new and returning film students to get to know their professors in Film Studies better.

The evening began with appetizers, socializing, and some colourful introductions by the profs, moderated (and amusingly exaggerated) by the Film Society’s VP of Records and Finance, Aruba Khurshid. The highlight of the night was a fully-interactive game of Jeopardy featuring clues about recent and classic films written by the Film Society executive. The students faced off against the profs, and while the competition was very close, the students finally took the game in a thrilling double-or-nothing Final Jeopardy round. Congratulations, FS undergrads!

The students may have been the Jeopardy champions, and several also won DVD door prizes. But in the end, everyone who attended was rewarded with good company and conversation, building the bonds of a tight-knit, supportive community of film students and faculty.


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