Film Students in the Oscars News


Sunday, February 27th was a day for film lovers to gather as the 89th Academy Awards were broadcast live across the world. On the “biggest night in Hollywood,” Laurier Film students made an impact at the local level in Waterloo with their Oscars viewing party. This CTV News spot on local Oscar parties includes the WLU Film Society’s event, featuring a “red carpet” interview with primary organizer Marlon Bengle during the Oscars pre-show.

By the start of the award presentations, the screening area at the back of Wilf’s was packed to standing-room only with English and Film students eager to see who would take home the gold. Fueled by spin dip and nachos, the party included an Oscars ballot, film history trivia, fancy dress, and plenty of prizes. The most rewarding part, however, was the conversation that arose around the awards, as everyone talked together in a spirit of celebration -and yes, some playful mockery of the spectacle, too!

So, if you’re still wondering why there was such a big fuss over the La La Land/Moonlight Best Picture mix-up, or what Ryan Gosling really whispered to that tourist, just ask a Film student and see what conversations come up.



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